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RV 系列中压卸荷阀

Swagelok® Medium-Pressure Relief Valves (RV Series)

Medium-pressure proportional relief valves provide simple, reliable, over-pressure protection for a variety of general-industry applications.

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RV series medium-pressure proportional relief valves are available with a choice of factory-set or adjustable pressure operation with an easy external set pressure adjustment and wide range of set pressures to meet a variety of application needs. The adjustment lock nut maintains the adjusting screw position ensuring the set pressure adjustment.


Working Pressure up to 20 000 psig (1378 bar)
Set Pressures 1000 to 20 000 psig (68.9 to 1378 bar)
Operation Set or adjustable operation
Temperatures up to 250°F (121°C)
End ConnectionsCone and thread (3/8 and 9/16 in., inlet), Swagelok FK medium-pressure tube fitting (3/8, 1/2, and 9/16 in., inlet) female NPT (3/4 in., outlet)

RV Series Medium-Pressure Relief Valves Catalogs

Locate detailed product information, including materials of construction, pressure and temperature ratings, options, and accessories.

世伟洛克阀门流量系数 (C<sub>v</sub>) 计算器

The Right Valve Can Make All the Difference

Use our valve flow coefficient (Cv) calculator to chose a valve sized correctly for your needs.

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