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Swagelok® Ultrahigh-Purity Polymer Check Valves (CHP Series)

Swagelok CHP series UHP fluoropolymer check valves provide low cracking and reseal pressures, and their wetted components meet SEMI Standard F57-0301 for ultrahigh-purity system components.

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Our CHP series UHP fluoropolymer O-ring-free poppet check valves are designed to maximize flow while reducing pressure drop, eliminate no-flow areas, and provide excellent leak integrity during thermal cycling.

  • The O-ring-free design of the poppet ensures clean operation, and its contoured shape reduces turbulence and minimizes pressure drop
  • A shell seal with a tongue-and-groove design provides excellent leak integrity during thermal cycling and high-pressure applications
  • A spring composed of noncontaminating PFA material allows valve installation in any orientation. A positive stop prevents the spring from compressing to a solid height, allowing flow to sweep around spring coils to reduce entrapment.
  • In medium body sizes, the retainer is designed to maximize flow and reduce pressure drop. In small body sizes, the retainer’s open-cage design ensures poppet alignment and eliminates no-flow areas.

These valves can be installed in any orientation and are available with fine thread flare and Nippon Pillar® Super 300 end connections.


Working Pressures Up to 80 psig (5.5 bar)
Media Temperature50 to 185°F (10 to 85°C)
Body Material
Small BodyModified PTFE
Medium BodyPFA
Cracking Pressure
Small BodyLess than 1.5 psig (0.11 bar)
Medium BodyLess than 0.9 psig (0.07 bar)
Reseal PressureUp to 0.5 psig (0.04 bar)
Flow CoefficientUp to 4.1
End Connections
TypeFine thread flare, Nippon Pillar® Super 300
SizeSmall body: 1/4 and 3/8 in.; 6 and 10 mm
Medium body: 1/2 and 3/4 in.

CHP Series Ultrahigh-Purity Polymer Check Valves Catalogs

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